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About the Strategic Vision Process

After completing a number of long-standing Town projects, the Town Council has identified a 20-year visioning process as a critical component in moving the Town forward. The Town has struggled with an identity crisis of sorts. There is not a cohesive vision for the future of the Town. Will it remain predominantly a bedroom community of Jacksonville? Will rapid growth in other areas of Clay County cause Orange Park to diminish in value and attractiveness? Are there economic development opportunities that the Town should capitalize on? The Town is interested in firmly articulating a vision for the community and then working to achieve the desired outcomes. The Town is fiscally healthy, has worked to make infrastructure improvements and is now ready to solidify its reputation as a highly desirable community in Florida.

The strategic plan is essential to a town as it provides direction and outlines both quantifiable benchmarks and measurable goals. It is a tool to guide day-to-day as well as long-term decisions, evaluating progress, and identifying necessary modifications to guiding documents as the town reevaluates operations throughout its legislative cycles. The SVP will investigate the potential development of residential and commercial properties with the goal of optimizing development, renovations, and expansions of properties which best meet the future needs of an active population which is located between one of the largest cities in Florida to the north and a high growth area to the south which creates extensive pass-through traffic concerns. Such investigation will include innovative planning and development strategies to promote a diverse economy, vibrant rural and suburban areas, historic preservation structures, facilities which promote healthy recreation, all of which meet the requirements of the Community Planning Act, while protecting environmentally sensitive areas.

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The benefits of having an SVP, benchmarks, and goals will aid the Town staff, the Town Council, as well as the citizens of the Town and region by providing clear direction for future strategic decision-making. The SVP will continue to have a positive effect on all future proposed changes required in municipal governance over the next 20 years which will align timewise with the Town’s current Comprehensive Plan 2040.

The Haskell team has been selected to assist the Town of Orange Park in conducting a Strategic Vision Plan that will provide clear direction for future decision making. The plan is intended to have a positive effect on all future changes through the year 2040. We invite you to share your ideas and priorities for the Town of Orange Park. As we plan for the future, your participation is vital. In the coming months, we will host a series of community meetings and need your input.

Help shape the future of the Town of Orange Park! #TOPvision2040

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