Meeting Agendas

Check here for the meeting agendas for upcoming Town Council, Committee and Board Meetings. All Agendas will be in the Adobe PDF format. You will need a PDF reader to view these documents. You can click on the link below to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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Upcoming Meetings

02-28-2017General Government Administration Committee:GGAC Agenda 022817 GGAC Packet 022817

03-01-2017Public Safety/Public Works Committee:PSPW Agenda 030117 PSPW Packet 030117  

03-02-2017Land Use Planning & Policy Committee:LUPPC Agenda Packet 3-2-2017

Past Meetings

02-22-2017Culture & Recreation Committee MeetingCulture Rec Agenda 022217 Culture & Rec Packet 022217

02-21-2017Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 022117 Council Packet 022117

02-13-2017River Road Neighborhood MeetingRiver Road Neighborhood Meeting 021317

02-08-2017Town Council Special MeetingCouncil Agenda 020817 Special  

02-09-2017Firefighters Pension Board of Trustees02-09-17, Agenda

02-09-2017Environmental Quality Board MeetingEQB Agenda Packet (2-9-2017)

02-09-2017Planning and Zoning Board MeetingP&Z Agenda Packet(02-9-17)

02-07-2017Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 020717 Council Packet 020717 Council Minutes 020717

01-30-2017Town Council Special MeetingCouncil Agenda 013017 Special FDOT US-17 Presentation Council Minutes 013017Special

01-25-2017Police Pension Board of Trustees Meeting01-25-17, Agenda

01-17-2017Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 011717 Council Packet 011717 Council Minutes 011717

01-12-2017Code Enforcement HearingMagistrate Hearing 011217

01-12-2017Environmental Quality BoardEQB Revised Agenda 1-12-2017 EQB Agenda Packet (1-12-17) EQB Minutes011217  

01-03-2017Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 010317 Council Packet 010317 Council Minutes 010317

01-05-2017Land Use Planning & Policy CommitteeLUPPC Agenda 01-5-17 LUPPC Agenda Packet 01-5-17

12-13-2016Red Light Camera Selection CommitteeAgenda Meeting 1213316

12-15-2016Budget & Finance Committee MeetingBudgetFinance 121516 Budget & Finance Packet 121516

12-07-2016Culture & Recreation Committee MeetingCulture-Rec-Agenda-120716

12-06-2016Town Council Meetingcouncil-agenda-120616 council-packet-120616 Council Minutes 120616

12-01-2016Red Light Camera Selection Commiteeagenda-kick-off-meeting-120116

11-22-2016Public Safety/Public Works Committeepspwagenda112216 pspw-packet-112216

11-17-2016Code Enforcement Hearing magistrate-hearing-111716

11-14-2016General Government Administration Committeeggac-agenda-111416 ggac-packet-111416

11-10-2016Firefighters Pension Board of Trustees11-10-16-agenda

11-07-2016First Coast Expressway Meetingfcx-meeting-110716 clay-population-project  orange-park-fce-and-traffic Council Minutes 110716Special

11-03-2016Land Use Planning & Policy Committeeluppc-agenda-11-3-2016 luppc-agenda-pkg-11-3-2016 LUPPC minutes 110316

11-01-2016Town Council Meetingcouncil-agenda-110116 council-packet-110116 council-minutes-110116

10-26-2016Police Pension Board of Trustees Meeting10-26-16-agenda

10-18-2016Town Council Meetingcouncil-agenda-101816 council-packet-101816 council-minutes-101816

10-12-2016Town Council Special Meetingcouncil-agenda-101216-special debris-removal-op-10-16 council-minutes-101216special

10-06-2016Land Use Planning & Policy Committee2016-10-06-luppc-agenda 2016-10-06-luppc-agenda-package

10-04-2016Town Council Meetingcouncil-agenda-100416 council-packet-100416 council-minutes-100416

09-29-2016Special Town Council Meetingcouncil-agenda-092916-special council-minutes-092916special

09-27-2016Magnolia Cemetery Board of Trusteesagenda-092716 cemetery-packet-092716

09-20-2016Police Pension Board09-20-16-agenda

09-20-2016Town Councilcouncil-agenda-092016 council-packet-092016 council-minutes-092016

09-19-2016Culture & Recreation Committeeculture-rec-agenda-091916 culture-rec-packet-091916 CultureRec091916

09-15-2016Code Enforcement Hearingmagistrate-hearing-091516

09-14-2016Planning & Zoning Board Meetingpz-agenda-9-14-16 pz-agenda-packet-9-14-16 PZB Minutes091416

08-10-2016Special Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 081016 Special Council Minutes 081016 Special

09-06-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 090616 Council Agenda Packet 090616 council-minutes-090616

08-31-2016Town Council Special MeetingCouncil Agenda 083116 council-minutes-083116-special

08-29-2016Special Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 082916 Special Council Packet 082916-Special council-minutes-082916-special

08-25-2016General Government Administration CommitteeGGAC Agenda 082516 GGAC Packet 082516 ggac-minutes-082516

08-11-2016Firefighters Pension Board of Trustees08-11-16 Agenda

08-11-2016Planning & Zoning Board MeetingPZB Agenda 081116 PZB Packet 081116 pzb-minutes081116

08-11-2016Environmental Quality Board MeetingEQB Agenda 081116 EQB Packet 081116

08-02-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 080216 Council Packet 080216 Council Minutes 080216

07-28-2016Budget & Finance Committee MeetingBudgetFinance 072816 BFC Packet 072816 BudgetFinance072816

07-26-2016Public Safety/Public Works CommitteePSPWAgenda072516 PSPW Packet 072616 PSPW072616

07-27-2016Special Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 072716 Special 2016-06-27_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article III 2016-06-27_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article VI 2016-06-27_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article VIII 2016-07-07_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article IV 2016-07-14_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article II (002) 2016-07-14_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article V 2016-07-14_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article VII  

07-19-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 071916 Council Packet 071916 Council Minutes 071916

07-14-2016Environmental Quality Board MeetingEQB Agenda 071416 EQB Agenda Packet 071416 EQB Minutes071416

07-14-2016Planning & Zoning Board MeetingPZB Agenda 071416 Amended PZB Agenda Packet 071416 Amended PZB Minutes071416

07-07-2016Land Use Planning and Policy CommitteeLUPPC 070716 Agenda LUPPC 070716 Agenda Packet luppc-minutes-070716

06-28-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 062816 Council Packet 062816 Council Minutes 062816

06-23-2016Fair Housing WorkshopFair Housing Agenda 062316

06-23-2016Special Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 062316 Special Council Packet 062316 Special Council Minutes 062316 Special

06-07-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 060716 Council Packet 060716 Council Minutes 060716

06-02-2016Land Use Planning and Policy Committee2016-06-02 LUPPC Agenda 2016-06-02 LUPPC Agenda Package LUPPC minutes 060216

05-31-2016Magnolia Cemetery Board of TrusteesAgenda 053116 Agenda Packet 053116 cemeteryboardminutes053116

05-19-2016Code Enforcement HearingMagistrate Hearing 051816

05-17-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 051716 Council Packet 051716 Council Minutes 051716

05-12-2016Firefighters Pension Board of Trustees05-12-16 Agenda Fire Pension

05-12-2016Planning and Zoning BoardPZB Agenda 051216 2016-05-12_Agenda Package PZB Minutes051216  

05-11-2016Town Council Special MeetingCouncil Agenda 051116 Special Council Packet 051116 Special Council Minutes 051116 Special

05-03-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 050316 Council Packet 050316 Council Minutes 050316

04-19-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 041916 Council Packet 041916 Council Minutes 041916

04-14-2016Planning and Zoning Board2016-04-14_PZB Agenda 2016-04-14_PZB Packet PZB Minutes041416

04-14-2016Environmental Quality Board MeetingEQB Agenda 041416 EQB Packet 041416 EQB Minutes041416  

04-27-2016Police Pension Board MeetingPolice Pension Agenda 042716

04-07-2016Land Use Planning & Policy Committee2016-04-07_LUPPC_Agenda LUPPC Packet 040716 LUPPC minutes 040716

04-05-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 040516 Council Packet 040516 Council Minutes 040516

03-29-2016Special Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 032916 Special Council Minutes 032916 Special Below are the second revision drafts for the Land Development Regulation Articles: 2016-02-12_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article II 2016-02-12_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article III 2016-02-12_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article IV 2016-02-12_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article V 2016-02-12_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article VI 2016-02-12_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article VII 2016-02-12_Rev_Orange Park LDR-Article VIII

03-21-2016Nuisance Abatement BoardNABAgenda032116 NABPacket032116

03-16-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 031616 Council Packet 031616 Council Minutes 031616

03-07-2016Town Council Special MeetingCouncil Agenda 030716 Special Council Minutes 030716

03-10-2016Planning & Zoning Board2016-03-10_PZB Agenda 2016-03-10_PZB Agenda Package PZB Minutes031016

03-02-2016Magnolia Cemetery Board of TrusteesAgenda 030216 Packet 030216 CemeteryBoardMinutes030216

03-10-2016Environmental Quality Board MeetingEQB Agenda 031016 2nd Amend 2016-03-10_EQB Agenda Package EQB Minutes031016  

03-03-2016Land Use Planning & Policy Committee2016-03-03_LUPPC_Agenda 2016-03-03_LUPPC _Agenda Packet LUPPC minutes 030316

03-01-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 030116 Council Packet 030116 Council Minutes 030116

02-16-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 021616 Council Packet 021616 Council Minutes 021616

02-11-2016Town Council Special MeetingCouncil Agenda 021116 Special Feb 11 2016 special meeting memo _ petitions Council Minutes 021116 Special

02-11-2016Planning & Zoning Board2016-02-11_PZB Agenda 2016-02-11-PZB Packet PZB Minutes021116

02-11-2016Firefighters Pension Board of Trustees02-11-16 Agenda

02-02-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 020216 Council Packet 020216 Council Minutes 020216

02-04-2016Land Use Planning & Policy Committee2016-02-04_LUPPC Agenda 2016-02-04_LUPPC_Agenda Packet LUPPC minutes 020416  

02-04-2016Environmental Quality Board Meeting2016-02-04_EQB Agenda 2016-02-04_EQB Agenda Packet EQB Minutes 2-4-16

01-27-2016Police Pension Board MeetingPolice Pension Agenda 012716

02-01-2016Magnolia Cemetery Board of TrusteesAgenda 020116 Packet 020116

01-19-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 011916 Council Packet 011916 Council Minutes 011916

01-13-2016General Government Administration CommitteeGGACAgenda011316 GGACPacket011316 GGAC Minutes 011316  

01-05-2016Town Council MeetingCouncil Agenda 010516 Amended Council Packet 010516 Council Minutes 010516

01-14-2016Planning & Zoning Board2016-01-14_PZB Agenda Amended PZB Minutes011416

12-17-2015Land Use Planning & Policy CommitteeLUPPC Agenda 121715 LUPPC minutes 121715

12-14-2015Nuisance Abatement BoardNAB Packet 121415 NABAgenda121415 Premises Improvement Plan PIP121115

12-09-2015Public Safety/Public Works CommitteePSPWAgenda120915 PSPWPacket120915 PSPW120915 Minutes

12-07-2015Town Council Special MeetingCouncilAgenda120715Special CouncilMinutes120715Special

12-01-2015Town Council MeetingCouncilAgenda120115 CouncilPacket120115 CouncilMinutes120115

11-16-2015Nuisance Abatement BoardNABAgenda111615

11-12-2015Land Use Planning & Policy CommitteeLUPPC111215

11-12-2015Planning & Zoning BoardPANDZ111215Minutes PlanningZoning111215  

11-12-2015Fire Pension Board11-12-2015 Agenda

11-03-2015Town Council MeetingCouncilPacket11315 CouncilMinutes110315