Red Light Cameras

Orange Park officials announced that its red-light safety cameras will begin taking photos of red-light runners at designated intersections beginning on 12:00 A.M. March 15th.  Red-light Safety Cameras will capture still images and video of red-light running violations. During a 30-day warning period, a warning notice will be issued to the vehicle’s registered owner. There will be no fine for this warning notice. At the completion of the warning period in April, citations with a $158 fine will be issued.

A comprehensive evaluation was conducted to determine where red-light running commonly occurs and where red-light safety cameras are most likely to improve road safety. The red-light safety camera program aims to protect drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians from injuries or crashes caused by red-light runners.

Red-light Safety Cameras will operate at the following intersections:

  • Kingsley Ave @ De Barry Ave
  • Park Ave/US 17 @ Loring Ave
  • Park Ave/US 17 @ Kingsley Ave

“The warning period will give residents an opportunity to become familiar with the red-light system. We encourage people to slow down and definitely stop on red before the actual citations begin,” said Orange Park Police Chief Gary Goble. “This is a public safety program, and our goal is to deter red-light runners and prevent collisions resulting from these violations.”

Florida was the third most deadly state in the nation for red-light running fatalities in 2010. Across the United States, red-light runners killed an average of 885 people and injured 165,000 each year for the past decade. Now, through its road safety camera agreement with American Traffic Solutions, Orange Park joins the over 80 communities in Florida using this lifesaving program.

Pursuant to the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, a portion of all red-light running fines issued through red-light safety camera programs goes to trauma centers and to research efforts addressing spinal and brain injuries. Thus far more than $7 million has gone to trauma centers and nearly $3 million has gone to the Miami Project for research into new treatments for persons living with spinal and brain injuries, many of which are the result of traffic crashes.

The program was approved by the Orange Park Town Council and is administered by American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS) with each violation reviewed and approved by Orange Park Police Department prior to being issued.

Red light cameras will be located at:

Park Avenue at Loring Avenue, north and southbound lanes

Park Avenue at Kingsley Avenue, north, south, and turning lanes

Kingsley Avenue at DeBarry, west and eastbound lanes


Red Light Cameras in the Town of Orange Park (click to enlarge)