Park Rental information

Reservations are accepted for the Town parks listed below.

For reservation information and instructions, please click on a park name to go to that park’s page. If you have any questions please call (904) 264-2635.

Park Fee Schedule

Facility Resident* Non-Resident
Clarke House Park    
  Pavilion Rental (Four hour increments) $26.75 $53.50
  Electricity  $10.70 $10.70
TC Miller Park    
  Pavilion Rental (Four hour increments) $26.75 $53.50
  Electricity  $10.70  $10.70
Town Hall Park – Special Events ONLY    
  Park Rental- All Day $214.00 $214.00
  On-Site Staff – 3 hour minimum if Town Staff is required; fee is per employee $30.00 $30.00
  Event Permit- Includes event sign permit and special event permit $53.50 $53.50
  Electricity $26.75 $26.75
  Water from hydrant $26.75 $26.85
  Fire Inspection  $35.00 $35.00

*Proof of Residency Required for Town of Orange Park residents!  Clay County residents are considered non-resident.

Click here for pavilion reservation form: RESERVATION FORM